Take the stress out of learning for them and you.

Quick and simple

Just 10 minutes, 1 piece of paper, 4 fun physical tests, and a quick questionnaire is all you need to carry out a learning profile assessment

8-18 years

Improve your child’s concentration and focus with targeted strategies to create truly personalised learning.

Global community

Over 200 children around the world are using invaluable insights from their personalised learning assessment to supercharge their education.

Learning strategies for Home and the Classroom

Discover their unique learning profile and share the results with education providers, tutors, and coaches.

Wired for Learning provides practical personalised learning reports, including strategies specifically recommended to see your child or student achieve with ease.

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  • Dominance Profile

    Identify their preferred learning styles, biases, strengths and weaker areas.

  • Personalised Learning Techniques

    Specific easy-to-use techniques to help your child take control of their learning.

  • The Effect of Stress

    Recognise when they are no longer in an effective learning state.

  • Tailored Movement Exercises

    How to recognise when they are no longer in an effective learning state based on their profile.

  • Targeted Teaching Strategies

    Enhance the learning environment with our adaptive teaching techniques that compliment your child’s natural learning style.

  • Whole Brain Training

    Discover areas of learning they find challenging and use targeted techniques to help them develop.

  • Optimal Seating Plan

    Keep your student engaged for longer with a classroom position that matches their visual and auditory needs.

Increase engagement and motivation through personalised learning.

Finding out how your child or student is Wired for Learning is interactive, fun, and easy.


Once you’ve completed the free 5-step test, simply select and download their personalised learning reports. In them, you’ll discover learning, teaching, and stress management techniques to help your child thrive.

A global community

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  • 65% Left Eye

    65% Right Eye

  • 65% Left Ear

    65% Right Ear

  • 65% Left Foot

    65% Right Foot

  • 65% Left Hand

    65% Right Hand

  • 65% Left Brain

    65% Right Brain

Two Reports, Three options

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If you want the report, you can choose to do this at the end.

The Full Report


Illustrated and detailed with insight, guidance and full of recommendations for the student, parent and educator, this 17 page report contains everything you need.

Both Full & Snapshot Reports


Best of both. Purchasing both the Full Report and the Snapshot report gives your child or student, and all involved in their education, a reference and go to resource to maximise their learning experience.

The Snapshot Report


Illustrated and focused on all the recommendations of the full report, this stripped down 3 page report is the ideal quick reference and go-to resource for them and you.

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Making Learning Personal

Are they a kinaesthetic learner? Wired for logic or experiential learning? What kind of auditory or visual learner are they? What type of space do they thrive in?


Their profile identifies it all, and the Wired for Learning reports give you the answers.

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Make Teaching Personal

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, coach or tutor, discover teaching techniques and strategies that complement your child or student’s natural learning profile.


Our reports include guidance to recognise their stress triggers and how to help them reset and re-engage. We also provide an optimal seating plan based on their dominant ear, eye and learning bias giving you a hidden advantage.

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Choosing your account

Discover their dominance profile together, share the information with education providers through personal illustrated reports, and use strategies specifically recommended for your child to see them fly.

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